2007 Results of Judging
Best in Exhibition Tanya Waters Lochwinik


Kapunda and Light Jenny Bastians Dusk Towards Allendale


Connection to the Land Roger Murcott Stockman’s Rest


Connection to the Land Margaret Tuckey Northern Flinders $250 (Merit)
Connection to the Land Coralie Armstrong Friesians with a View Commendation
Oil & Acrylic Jaime Prosser Teasing the Rain to Fall


Oil & Acrylic Gerhard Ritter John $250 (Merit)
Watercolour Glenys Christopher The Canola House



Rosemari Willis Anderson

Beaches $250 (Merit)
Drawing & Pastels Bill Truslove Golden Creek


Drawing & Pastels L Cornwell The Pines $250 (Merit)
Photography & Print Trevor Keech Morning Mist $1,000
Photography & Print Meredith Mayr Afternoon Glow $250 (Merit)
Sculpture/3D Graeme Shaw Green Hawk $1,000
Sculpture/3D Gwenda Zbierski Memories of Yesteryear

$250 (Merit)

Fabric Arts Sally Giles Map of the World


Fabric Arts Sondra Franks Australiana $250 (Merit)
People’s Choice Roger Murcott Stockman’s Rest


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